Georgius Adam
Professor of polymer chemistry and technology

I am currently honor professorial fellow at University of New South Wales UNSW ( Faculty of Science/ Chemistry School ), and University of Western Sydney/Infrastructure research engineering.I supervised 46 M.Sc theses and 25 PhD thesis as applied research projects and /or industrial contracts. currently co- supervising two  PhD students at  UWS/Sydney. Have 36  Australian/USA filed inventions including (12 USA patents granted,25 published filed inventions) ,Hold  37 National Iraqi patients, several of them were implemented industrially. Published 7 textbooks. Published more than  250 papers in outstanding international journals and conferences. Consulted and managed several industrial projects in Australia and overseas for production of several industrial products ,concrete hardener, concrete additives (super plasticisers, waterproof, ablative thermal insulators, anti-corrosion), controlled release fertilisers, hydrogels, fire resistant paints, epoxy resins and their hardeners,and other materials  :Ultra high Strength grout ,Highly acid resistant hybrid geo concrete ,concrete hardening and concrete surfacing  products.

My major research fields are preparation & evaluation of new tailor-made polymers for various industrial applications and incubating research ideas: as concrete additives, polymeric composites & IPNs, Hydrogels, active ingredient supported polymers, soil stabilisers, conductive polymers, food additives and packaging, fruit preservatives and sustainable environmental projects hydrophilic and hydrophobic active ingredients, reactive dag mitigating agents..

Academic and Scientific Achievements  

  • Established the polymer research Centre ,Bassrah University 1993,Iraq.
  • Founder of the Iraqi polymer society, 1993.
  • Founder of the Iraqi Polymer Journal,1993. 
  • Supervised 46 M.Sc thesis and 25Ph.D. thesis ;all based on applied research and/or contracts.
  • 37 National IQ patents have been registered ,most of them were implemented industrially .
  • 36  Australian /USA  inventions filed including :  8 issued patents and published.. 
  • Published 7 Textbooks in the field of  industrial chemistry, polymer chemistry and technology, chemical hazards & environmental pollution.
  •  250 published papers in outstanding journals and conferences.
  • Developed several industrial novel products currently in the market  in the field of construction materials  in Australia  and overseas .  

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